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Looking for the best optician and optometrist in Stavanger for your employees? Since the start of our business, Synsenteret Stavanger has offered various business agreements to companies and organizations in Stavanger and large parts of Rogaland. Get in touch with us to learn what we can offer you and your company.

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All company packages are tailored to the needs of your company and your employees. Corporate deals include, among other things, safety glasses, computer glasses, vision tests, glasses, sunglasses, lenses, lens cloths, and discounts on various goods.

Did you know that employers may also have to cover part of the price of the PC glasses for your employees? According to the Working Environment Act (, Glasses for work at a computer screen), you must have all costs for vision tests, any need for specialist follow-up, and necessary vision aids covered by your employer if you have to wear glasses that are different from those used on a daily basis, due to work at a computer screen.

Separate expenses for installation, choice of type of glass, frame, etc. can be agreed upon in the individual business. This is between the employee and employer. As the expenses are charged to the employer, it will be the employer’s assessment that provides guidance, but necessary expenses are assumed to be covered. We at Synsenteret Stavanger can make it easier for your company to have formal agreements in place.

Synsenteret Stavanger has one of the largest collections of glasses and sunglasses in Norway. We make it easier for you to find your perfect pair! We are centrally located in downtown Stavanger on the historic Kirkegata. Our goal is to provide excellent service and expertise.

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