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Kids glasses

kids glassesSynsenteret Stavanger has one of Norway’s largest selections of kids glasses. Are you currently looking for a pair of glasses for your child? Believe us, we know that this process is often a challenge. But – we love a good challenge and would love to help you find the perfect pair for your son or daughter!

We’ll help you find a pair that the will endure a child’s active lifestyle, as well as comfortable and stylish. Synsenteret also has a very large selection of kids sunglasses with the possibility of prescription.


How do I know if my kid needs glasses?

There are ten common signs to look out for that will indicate whether your son or daughter could need glasses. If you recognize one or more of the signs on this list, we highly recommend scheduling an eye exam.

    1. 1. Squinting
    1. 2. Will constantly turn his or her head
    1. 3. Sits closer than normal to the TV screen
    1. 4. Will lose track on where he or she is on a page
    1. 5. Has to cover an eye to read or watch TV
    1. 6. Has an excessive tear fluid problem
    1. 7. Will rub eyes frequently
    1. 8. Needs to use a finger to guide the reading
    1. 9. Suffers light sensitivity
    1. 10.  Suffers frequent headaches

It’s important to note that though your kid might have some of these problems, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that he or she needs glasses.

Some cases will be covered by the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Services (NAV). We’ll gladly help to complete the required forms, just let us know. You can read more about the coverage policies on the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Services website.