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Oakley glasses

Synsenteret Stavanger has a large variety of Oakley glasses in our store. If you’re looking for a sporty, comfortable pair of glasses, these glasses are a great alternative. Oakley glasses are sturdy at the same time as they light to wear, due to design and materials used. We also have Oakley safety glasses, sunglasses and ski googles. Before you start looking for a new pair of glasses, we highly recommend setting up an appointment with one of our experienced opticians first, especially if you haven’t been for awhile. This is to ensure that we have the latest report of your vision.

Good vision throughout your everyday life and in your free time is key for optimal concentration and focus. Our eyesight is important and this is something we at Synsenteret are passionate about. All our glasses are carefully selected and of high quality. After an eye test with one of our opticians, we can help you find the right glasses with the right strength that suit both your style and everyday activities. We have a wide selection of other brands that you can read about here.


Oakley glasses


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Oakley was established by Jim Jannard in Foothill Ranch, California in 1975. The company got its name after the founder’s English Setter dog, Oakley. The success story started with Jannard selling motorcycle grips from the trunk of his car at motorcycle events. The grip was made from a material created by Jannard, called Unobtanium. Unobtanium is still used to create parts, such as nose pads and ear sockets. Five years after Oakley was established, the company started designing sunglasses, and later glasses. Since then the portfolio has expanded to include everything from eyewear to snowboard boots.