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Gucci Sunglasses

Synsenteret Stavanger has a large selection of Gucci sunglasses. The Italian brand offers both elegant and sporty sunglasses. All Gucci sunglasses come with UV-A, UV-B and UV-C filters, and several of the models also have polarized lenses. If you want strength in the sunglasses, we recommend that you set up an hour with an optician for a vision test first, so that you get the right strength. We also carry Gucci glasses.

Gucci sunglasses

gucci solbriller logo

Gucci was established by Giccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Gucci, inspired by his time in the hotel and tourism industry, started by selling exclusive leather bags and suit cases. Eventually, Gucci expanded with clothing, shoes and accessories. He started stores in Rome and Milan, and later other major cities around the world. The brand became world-famous when movie stars and jet-setters adopted the brand. The two Gs, the Gucci logo, has since become a classic fashion symbol icon in the fashion world.